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Blockchain: Blueprint for a new economy

Blockchain Blueprint for a new econom

Blockchain: Blueprint for a new economy “Blockchain: Blueprint for a new economy” is related to the block chain of a foreign language books, each book is a comprehensive introduction to the field of project block chain innovation, and economic prospects block chain innovation analyzed, book author proposed block chain 1.0 (digital currency), the block chain… Read More

Those future of Bitcoin

bitcoin future

Recent the bitcoin’s price has some changes, there are a lot of people out show off something, then soon silent. Or those people, or those leeks, but is gone again, came and went. For example VV sauce, said he bought some bitcoins. Although the manufacture and use of Bitcoin is human freedom is on the… Read More

From Cyprus to the Greek crisis – for hedging currency hedging bit of re-understanding

bitcoin hedging currency

For Bitcoin attention from the purely financial speculation to both technical and financial applications. Given the industry reasons, solemnly: This article is not a price analysis or investment advice, while responsibly say that more than 30% of the virtual currency is the pyramid, 99 percent of virtual currency equivalent MLM. In addition, we continue to… Read More

Bitcoin in Greece

greece bitcoin

Greece install two-way trade Bitcoin ATM, officials say one day after the deal with 25 transactions Spanish company called Bitchain of announced on July 11 the company in Greece to establish a two-way Bitcoin first automatic teller machine (BTM), Bitchain BTM is a provider, but also provides short-range wireless communication technology (NFC) solutions and digital… Read More

The Largest-Ever Bitcoin Block Puzzle

Bitcoin Block Puzzle

Block chain is recording encryption currency changes visible to the public all of the ledger, the largest ever Tuesday bitcoin block chain appears on the block. It reaches 999kb size, full transactions, when it came time, a user Bitcoin developer chat room called “RIP Bitcoin”.   We know who coined this block: fishpond. This is… Read More

Bitcoin Vs. Wall Street: A Love-Hate Story


In the first few years, Wall Street does not have any reaction. Until June 2011, “Wall Street Journal” was mentioned Bitcoin in a blog post. Bitcoin community in waiting time, advocates and enthusiasts of this digital currency speculation over why the United States did in the financial fortress discuss Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the bank did… Read More

Bitcon Weekly News

Bitcoin Weekly

Czech man independent nation called “land of the free,” as available Bitcoin currency According to foreign media reports, recently announced the founding of an independent Czech man in Europe, the country name “land of the free” (Liberland), the national flag and official website has a land area of ​​about 7 square kilometers, the country became… Read More

Things After The Bitcoin’s Price Crash


Bitcoin’s price over the previous week was a scene of panic for several, but likewise jubilation for some, as it dropped by over ONE HUNDRED  over two days, simply to rapidly gain back half of those losses. The well-prepared investor would certainly have benefited from this extreme volatility. The bitcoin price opened the week at… Read More